Superior Drummer 2.0 Review

Watch my review of the Superior Drummer 2.0:

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Video Transcript: 
Yo whats up guys
Victor here from Guitar Graph
and today we are going to be checking out Superior Drummer 2.0

I wanna take you right into it and just show you
some other features of this program
you haven’t checked out you Superior Drummer

It’s drum sampling program where we basically
can set any… Hey this is a cowbell

So you can see that it’s got all options of a kit

it comes default with the new york avatar kit which is this
and you can add more things
you can you can hear – sounds pretty good
now apparently this kit here

it’s a completely clean kit there’s
no other pics processing

and sampling on top of it
so if you’re familiar with easy drummer

you know that on those kits there has
been effects added already by default
this one it’s completely clean intention
is more for professional use

so you would actually wanna go into the mixer

and you can see the mixer here is much more
detailed than easy drummer

so you can go in and start just adding effects

EQ’s, filters, comps, trons parties

it’s even got presets
where we can just make the kick sound like a dumpster

so there is a lot to play around with here
and a lot of options so by the end of the day you
make a kick sound great

now the one thing that is a problem is there’s no middle
setting so with kick kick punch max squash thump tomato

we’ve got tomato and we don’t have metal so
you need put some work into making the kick sound really metal
you see this is not a metal kick

but the cool thing is if you come from Easy Drummer
and you have some the Easy X plugins
then they will also work here
so I’ve got metal which sounds very metal

give it a second to load up here…

there you go – that’s much more metal


See the kick sounds awesome

There you go

More of the same

Different metal mix

So you see if you don’t want to spend a whole ton of time
trying to figure out
how to make a good metal sound

you can just get on those EX kits

and you can also get a metal foundry which is a a plugin
a Superior Drummer expansion you would call it

and that’s good like way way more options but again

if you wanna jump into that

there will be options in the metal foundry that’s just like
copy-paste sounds of metal but there
were will also be many more options to add to the kit
and make it sound like really metal
so if that’s what you want to do

and you can do that and let’s check
out some of these other settings there

So we’ve got the envelope which
basically makes the…

gotta really play with the stuff t

it changes the attack of the sample
hits so it’s just extra customization



this is all humanization things
so once you’ve got your track going

then it’ll sound better
so you want to play around with those

you can also up the pitch and down the
pitch quite drastically

you right-click on the drum to select and
then you can mess around with these options

There’s a velocity pad so if you touch the bottom

and then you turn it up it’s really loud

I love that

I think we’ve got like a new genre of metal going here

so you’ve got master volume
you’ve got all the options here

layering velocity control

you see these are some advance options that are not
part of Easy Drummer at all

it just all adds to the many things
you can do to the kit to make it sound
realistic and not like computer copy-paste
drum machine

and obviously it takes quite a lot of effort
when building a drum kit to make it
sound like that
but there are a few options available
so if you wanna spend a few
days on just your drum track
and make it sound amazing you can do

that here so buy it now

check in the link below and there’s a
special price the moment I so you can
get it really cheap

so just check the link below and then
buy the stuff and then you’ll never have to worry about
getting nice drum sounds for your songs ever again
Thank you

This has been Victor from Guitar Graph

peace out…

Victor Geiger

Victor is a young creator with big dreams and a passion for recording and engineering music. As a seasoned guitarist he is well versed in the art of rocking out to many genres and is also known for dropping some sick beats. Enjoy his writing here and find his music on SoundCloud.

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