Marshall DSL15C Review – To Buy or Not To Buy?


The best way to get a really great sound out of your guitar is to use a well respected reliable guitar amplifier. After all, even if you have the best guitar in the world it will still sound horrible through a bad amp. Is the Marshall DSL15C the right choice for you? Continue reading and find out.

Marshall is the most well known name in guitar amplifier manufacturers, and rightfully so. The “Marshall” tone has shaped the music we know today in many different ways. And it’s available on Amazon:

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Before you can start rocking out on your electric guitar, you need a way to amplify the signal.

Sure, you could probably plug it into your computer or parents’ Hi-Fi, but that will leave a lot to be desired in the tone department.

In fact, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix both relied on original Marshall amplifiers throughout their entire career.

Clearly, you can expect great quality and sound from Marshall amplifiers and the DSL 15C is no exception.

The Amp

The Marshall DSL 100-watt head is one of the most famous Marshall amplifiers in existence. Marshall has taken this head and shrunken it down into a 15-watt combo amplifier dubbed the DSL15C.

The Marshall DSL15C is a 15/7.5 watt All-tube Guitar Combo Amp with 2 Channels, Deep Switch, Tone Shift, Reverb, Pentode/Triode Switching, and it even comes with a foot switch.

The amp is solid and rugged. It is perfect for taking to gigs and has all the outputs you would need to plug it into a PA system.

Just because it is small does not mean it has lost the big Marshall sound. This amp sounds warm and HUGE thanks to the 2 x 6v tube capacitors and celestion G12 speaker.

The Features


The amp has 2 channels. “Classic Gain” and “Ultra Gain”. The channels can be switched either via the channel select button or the foot switch.

There is a shared EQfor both channels consisting of Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence.

A Tone shift button is located on the left of the EQ. When engaged, it scoops out the mid-range to give you a more modern metal tone.

A Deep button is located on the right of the EQ and this gives a warm bass boost to your guitar tone. I would recommend leaving it engaged most of the time.

There is also a reverb, which is your standard affair. Make no mistake, however, that it sounds rather nice.


On the back we have a classic kettle cord for power and a Pentode/Triode switch which halves the output to 7.5 watts.

This is really useful for using heavy overdrive on the amp without much volume for those late night jam sessions.

There is also the foot switch socket and output jacks, 2 x 8 ohm outputs for connecting to a PA system and 1 x 16 ohm output for the built-in speaker or connecting to a cabinet.

The Settings and Sound


There are so many different great classic tones that you can get out of this amp. I will go through just a few of these settings and their sound characteristics to get you started.

On Classing gain with all settings at noon you get a bluesy tone reminiscent of B.B.King and Eric Clapton.

Turn the gain up some and you will get a fuzzy crunch like that of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

Switch to Ultra gain with all settings at noon and you will have solid metal sound that compares to some of the guitar tones from Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Crank the gain some more and you will be riding on a Slayer/Megadeth tone, then engage the tone shift for some Lamb of God/Bring me the Horizon metalcore action.

The Verdict


The Marshall DSL15C shows great versatility, durability and sound quality.

This amp has shown itself to be perfect for any musician starting on guitar or seeking to upgrade their equipment. This amp should likely become the go to amp for any gigging or recording simply because of the great sound and versatility on offer.

Although it may seem slightly pricey, remember that this amp is like an investment and will likely stick with you for many years to come.



Huge DSL100 sound in a compact design

Light yet rugged and durable

Great tone versatility

Comes with foot switch


Not much

A bit pricey


Final word


The serious musician and weekend guitarist alike will find great value in this amplifier. It can recreate many instantly recognizable sounds without the need of a separate effects pedal.

It is also great for studio work because of the “deep” tone option and it is great for practice because the pentode/triode switch allows you to get the full tone at lower volumes.

Whether you are gigging heavily, practicing in your parents’ house or trying to get a great tone on record, this particular Marshall amplifier really stands out as the one to have and is a welcome addition to the DSL range.

Where to buy

Amazon sells Marshall products and sells worldwide:

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