John Kerry Shows us his Classical Guitar Skills and Impresses Chinese Diplomats


John Kerry, currently the 68th United States Secretary of State, showed us his classical side on his recent trip to Beijing, China. The 70-year-old diplomat still has some skills. It seems even after all these years he still gives attention to his beloved instrument.

He took advantage of some free time during an economic summit and put his musical talent on show for all the participants to hear. As you will hear in the video, they are quite impressed with his American classical style.

The video was recently uploaded onto the U.S. Department of State’s YouTube channel, spurring a bit of publicly for Kerry across the news and social media.

In fact, he has been caught previously strumming the guitar for politicians in the past, but this is the first time he has shown his skills across international waters in a foreign territory. Let’s hope it is good for the peace effort.

Apparently, Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong urged Kerry to show his skills. But we all know that Kerry, being the guitar man that he is, was dying to get his hands on that guitar from the moment he laid eyes on it.


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