How to use EZ Drummer 2 in FL Studio 11 with individual drum tracks


There are many great VST drum machines on the market today that can allow any bedroom musician to make their own full songs. Some are free and pretty good like DPC 3 and others are pricey but of pristine quality like SSD 4. I personally like EZ Drummer for its great sounds and reasonable price.

Toontrack recently released EZ Drummer 2 so I thought it would be a good time to do a tutorial video explaining how to separate the drum tracks from the VST into your own tracks on the mixer. You can do this with almost any Drum VST in any DAW but today we are using EZ Drummer 2 and Fl Studio 11.

Separating all the drums into their own mixer tracks gives you a lot more freedom with mixing and what you can do to the drum tracks. Even though EZ Drummer has its own mixer, you cannot add third party effects like compression and reverb. Having each drum in its own track allows you to mix your drum kit the way you want it without any limitations.

Once you have watched the video you will understand how to do it, the benefits of doing it and what kind of sound you can achieve.

All the best!

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Victor Geiger

Victor is a young creator with big dreams and a passion for recording and engineering music. As a seasoned guitarist he is well versed in the art of rocking out to many genres and is also known for dropping some sick beats. Enjoy his writing here and find his music on SoundCloud.

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