Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

When I finally got my hands on my first Epiphone Les Paul guitar, my playing instantly improved because the old guitar was no longer holding me back.

I am very happy with it and wish that I had known earlier on how much a sub standard guitar can slow down your progress. I might have saved some money and improved more quickly.

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My first electric guitar was a cheap model that was heavy and difficult to play. I remember getting frustrated and playing less because I could not play some of the difficult pieces I was trying to learn even though I knew my fingers were fast enough.

I decided I needed a new guitar and started saving up for one.

Here it is:

The Guitar

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is the flagship Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar.

Even after 50 years, the Les Paul is still one of the most sought after guitars in the world because of the great design, history and artists in its background.

Many incredible guitarists like Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Kirk Hammett and others rely on the signature sound of a Les Paul.

The Epiphone range of Les Paul guitars is designed so all guitarists can experience the feel and quality of a Les Paul guitar without breaking the bank.

The Features

The guitar has 22 frets, a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays. The body is made of mahogany and the bridge is a Tune-O-Matic stopbar tailpiece.

The guitar has passive electronics, a three-way toggle switch, two volume knobs and two tone knobs which control the two Epiphone Alnico classic humbucker pickups.

It also has grover machine heads for accurate tuning and a white scratch pad to protect your precious Les Paul from intense picking.


The Sound

This guitar has an incredible variety of tones that it can pull off, thanks to the two humbucker pickups. The guitar can go from Country to Blues to Heavy Metal at the flip of a switch.

The pickups sound great, they are crisp and have no feedback or annoying buzzing sound that can sometimes be a problem on other guitars. The pickup selection switch is completely silent during switching. (No pops or cracks)

Because of the large body and good pickups, the guitar has a really warm and full sound. I use Ernie Ball hybrid slinky strings on mine and get a really thick metal chug as well as smooth and clear sounding chords.


The Set-up

Epiphone guitars are known to be very well set-up straight out of that factory. That being said, some small adjustments to the guitar can improve the feel even further.

The first Epiphone Les Paul that I played had a really good action straight out of the box. In fact, I have never played an original Les Paul with bad action.

I did, however, need to set the intonation on the guitar. I was ok with that because you should always set your intonation when you get a new guitar and set it according to the tuning that you will be using most. (Drop D in my case)

I did also manage to lower the action even further by adjusting the truss rod and bridge height but not by much because if I went any lower the strings would have been lying on the fretboard.


The Options

Every Epiphone Les Paul Standard comes with a standard set of features. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is also an option but many reviews on the guitar suggest that you would be way better off purchasing a Les Paul Standard.

The guitar has an option of Plain-top, which is the classic black Les Paul or the Plus-top with flame finish in a variety of authentic Gibson colors.

Heritage Cherry Sunburst (HS), Honey Burst (HB), Trans Amber (TA), Trans Blue (TL), and Vintage Sunburst (VS).




The Verdict

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard may be a cheaper version of the Les Paul guitar, but it is by no means a low quality product.

It is a great guitar for many reasons, but I think the best thing about it is the value for money. It is very hard to find a guitar that compares in tone and build quality for the same price.

This is a good guitar for any musician to own because of its versatility. It is also great for traveling and gigging because of its durability. It is a well balanced guitar that shines in all situations.

The only thing I don’t like about the guitar is that it does not have a whammy bar, which would give more options in rock and metal solos.


Good price

Great sound

High quality famous design

Feels amazing to play



No Whammy bar

Fakes are common


Final word

Like every Epiphone, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard features a Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by the world class Gibson Customer Service.

Make sure that your dealer is able to verify the originality of the guitar and beware of cheap knock-offs. Be sure to always check the back of the guitar neck for a serial number to ensure that you have purchased an original product.

It is unfortunate that fake chinese knock-offs of these guitars have found their way into the market. We need to help protect fellow musicians by reporting dealers selling fake guitars to the public.

If you have purchased a Gibson or Epiphone and suspect it of being a fake, be sure to report the sale to Gibson USA.

Where to buy

Purchasing from a registered dealer is always a good idea to protect yourself from scams and fakes. If you are looking for a registered dealer in Epiphone guitars, Amazon is always a safe bet:

Check Out This Great Deal on The Epiphone Les Paul Standard


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