Boss ME-70 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Review & Price Comparison


If you’re considering the Boss ME-70 pedal, you’ve come to the right place.

Important Update: The Boss ME-70 Pedal is no longer available. Check out the ME-80 on Amazon here

Having a reliable, high quality, great sounding multi-effects pedal is something many guitarists want.  Fortunately multi-effect pedals are starting to compare in quality to more expensive set-up options.

The days of linking up 5 or more separate stomp-boxes on a pedal-board are coming to an end.

In the past a guitar stomp-box would achieve its sound through a specific set of transistors and resistors designed by the manufacturer.  These components gave the guitar tone a signature sound that you could not get from any other product.

Now our electronic components are capable of creating or recreating almost any vintage sound.

The Boss series of effects pedals have always been a great sounding reliable product and now a massive array of classic Boss tones are available in one product at a super price.


The Pedal


The Boss ME-70 is the perfect balance between the compact design of the ME-25 and the huge sound building options of the ME-80.

It is much more compact in design then the ME-80 but also has more features than the ME-25.  It is the perfect gigging multi-effects pedal because it runs on batteries or a power supply.

I was mildly annoyed at the fact that this pedal does not come with a power adapter. Boss recommends an original Boss power adapter but I just matched the current and bought a generic one.

I wouldn’t recommend you do this. I’m just saying that is what I did and have had no problems.

The pedal is very solid. I think it may be made out of steel. It is clearly designed to take rough treatment and be stepped on in all the wrong ways.

I know this pedal can take a beating. I have dropped it before and kicked it around and it still doesn’t have a scratch on it.


The Features


This pedal has a huge selection of features that should satisfy almost any guitarists needs.

It has 11 types of delay each with the option to adjust time, feedback level and effect level.

22 Distortion/Overdrive types each with the option to adjust drive, tone and level.

It has 4 types of reverb and great modulation effects like rotary, harmonist, chorus, phaser, tremolo, pan, vibrato, uni-V and flanger as well as a fantastic built-in compressor.

The unit also come with an expression pedal that can be used for volume, wah, and pitch bend.

An external pedal can even be added for more effects or tone bank control options.

This pedal, as well as many other Boss and Roland products, comes with the amazing cosm modelling technology.

This feature is commonplace in today’s world but it was not so just a few years ago.

Cosm is an amp modelling effect that takes your purely digital guitar tone and add variations to the sound.

These variations would normally be created through the process of micing up a cabinet or guitar amplifier.

Cosm artificially recreates the sound quality of the speaker and mic and room as well as other acoustic anomalies.

This feature adds a whole new level of depth to your guitar sound.  At this point I always use cosm because I record my guitar directly into my computers recording software.


The Sound


Even though this pedal is not at the the top of its range it does incredibly well.  It stands up to some of its bigger brothers thanks to a great design and set of features.

The distortion effects on this pedal are my favorite. Some of the best distortions in the guitar world have been recreated in the pedal.

I have managed to get some really great guitar tones similar to those used by Metallica and Black Sabbath.

I also got some really beefy distortions like commonly used in the Metalcore genre which is what I use most often.

The modulation effects are fantastic and can add some amazing depth to your sound.

Although this pedal won’t give you really crazy guitar effects, it will provide you with everything you need to create a staple sound that can go with you wherever you do.


The Set-up


Using the pedal to create new tones is really intuitive and easy.

The pedal comes with an instruction manual which can be useful.  But for the most part you can begin playing with effects right out of the box.

Each effect has it’s own dedicated control on the device which makes it easy to see what you are changing without having to scroll through menus.

Adding patches and saving them to where you need them is made very simple through a bank control and write/edit function.

Overall I had no clueless moments when using this pedal.  It is like having 5 pedals next to each other all on the same board.

The Verdict


The pedal is perfect for the guitarist looking for a multi-effects pedal that is very durable and easy to transport that can provide a solid guitar sound in all situations.

The pedal can be plugged directly into an amp or a PA system and will sound great through both.

Be sure to use cosm when playing directly into a PA to give your guitar a full natural sound.

This pedal is also great for recording directly into a computer without micing up an amp and for practicing new guitar tones and effects on the fly.

I don’t know where I would be without my Boss multi-effects pedal.  Compared to all other effects pedals I have used in the past this one still really stands out because of its great sound, good price and overall durability.


Pros: Good price

Amazing sound especially with distortion

Easy to use and edit patches

Rugged durable design


Cons: Expression pedal is limited

Cannot use more than one modulation effect at a time

Does not come with power adapter


Final word


If you do not have a multi-effects pedal or have never tried one then it may be something to consider.

The ease of use and versatility allows me to find the sounds I like and then just focus on playing without having to mess around with switches and knobs on my amplifier.

This convenience combined with the amazing tone of a Boss product means that I always have a great guitar tone whether it is at band practice, in the recording studio or on stage.

Important Update: The Boss ME-70 Pedal is no longer available. Check out the ME-80 on Amazon here



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