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May 2014

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June 2014

Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Guide For Curious Musicians

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July 2014

Scotty Moore and Elvis Presley: The Men Who Changed the World

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August 2014

UK Government Ban on Guitars in Prison Successfully Overthrown by Billy Bragg

Zakk Wylde: Best Guitar Tips from a Guitar Legend

September 2014

How To Get Back Into Playing Guitar After Taking Some Time Off

November 2014

Web 3.0 for Music Producers: Music Distribution in the Future

Morning Guitar Exercise for Speed and Dexterity

Positive Lessons from Learning a Musical Instrument

5 Steps to Increase Your Guitar Skill

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December 2014

Easy three shape fast hammer-on legato exercises

Shred guide: How to get good at alternate picking – part 1

Shred guide: How to get good at alternate picking – part 2

How to mix and master a demo recording pt.1: EQ

How to mix and master a demo recording pt.2: Compression

How to mix and master a demo recording pt.3: FX

How to mix and master a demo recording pt.4: Mastering

What makes a musician who they are?

Periphery – Clear [EP] 2014 album review